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123movies Proxy, previously called Go Movies was launched around 2014-2015. Therefore it is possible that they were making plans for a 123movies Unblocked proxy site before.

123movies Proxy is an excellent streaming site for movies online and doesn’t need additional requirements such as VPN and so on. This was one of the more viewed online streaming site at the beginning of 2017 but then it was shut down and later was opened again.

The genre of film or the quality is not a factor on the 123movies website The site has a majority of the films but leaves out those that most people have did not know about. You may be asking “Are there any movies of this sort?”

Certain films can’t be seen anywhere.

For instance, ” The Secret Lives Of Dorks“. You could try searching for this film on several websites, but I’ve not seen it on any site, however there are websites where will allow you to find these kinds of films as well.

What’s HTML0? the 123movies Unblocked Website?

A proxy site is a website which our internet traffic is linked to, and the proxy website then guides us to the destination. It’s more like the server rather than a website and is also referred to as proxy servers.

Is the 123movies unblocked site shut down?

Yes The 123movies official website was shut down in March of 2018, however, a variety of clone and proxy websites are still available.

The proxy for 123movies is closing and reopened every day. However, only a few are reliable and provide steady traffic when compared with the unblocked 123movies site. The few reliable and worthwhile one can be found below.

Highlights of the 123Movies proxy site

There are numerous features on the 123Movies Unblocked site , such as simple navigation, huge collection of films and much other features. Many people like Gomovies or 123Movies due to two key factors.

  • A huge collection of movies, TV Shows , and web series
  • Every Movie collections are free to download.

Best User Interface: 123Movies Unblocked site has the best user interface of any competitor website. You can search easily for any film or TV series name , and download it. The speed of loading on the 123Movies website is also fast. Thus, watching movies on this site is a delight for the eyes.

Massive Collection of Movies The 123Movies website has an enormous collection of Movies and TV Series and Web Series. It is possible to search movies by genre, by countries by country, TV Series, Top IMDb films along with A TO Z movies by name. It is safe to say that the site 123Movies is definitely the best choice to watch films.

Security and No Registration Issue The site is secure and you can access the 123Movie site unblocked without having to register or submit your information such as your mobile number, email address, card details, etc. The 123Movies Unblocked website is not collecting your information for sell your information to advertisers targeting. You can view the best movies without revealing any details or buying subscriptions.

What is the reason why streaming sites for free like 123movies Unblocked are illegal?

Websites like 123movies.com and other streaming sites streaming online do not conform to the notion that film producers spend millions to make and edit films, while viewers can access these films for at no cost online by spending just about a couple of dollars.

Instead of standing in line to purchase a ticket or making a reservation to pay for a ticket, we can stream at our own expense. This is the reason why many consider it illegal.

How can I do unblock 123movies Proxy?

If you are looking to get access to 123movies for free and access 123movies unblocked, then utilize the most reliable VPN for torrenting. In this post we will present the top 123movies free proxy sites list. All you have to do is visit the websites listed and you’ll be able gain access to the premium movie content.

11 The Top Alternative Websites for 123movies 2022:

If you believe that Go Movies is an alternative to the 123movies free site It’s not. Since Go Movies is a 123 Movies alternative and both have the same name. Although the site has officially shut down, they continue shifting URLs in order to remain on the internet to keep their customer users on their site.

In any case, here are some alternatives to 123Movies you can check out If you are a fan of 123movies and are looking to access 123Movie’s Unblocked;

1. Popcornflix:

This is a film or TV shows streaming site which you can access at no cost. It’s free to use and you can even set up your own account with a personal touch. It also comes with a lot of advertisements and it could reduce the user interface.

Alongside all that it is possible to look at videos that are trending on social networks. That’s not what you’ll be looking for when you visit this website however they’re unique from the rest and are therefore worth noting.

2. SolarMovies: (Best 123Movies Proxy alternative)

It is also one of the main competitors of 123movies unblocking website, which also has similar user-friendly interface and interface as Go Movies. Along with the streaming streaming for movies at no cost it also offers the option to download original film and television Shows, Anime and biography films.

Additionally, the site includes all TV shows and web series that can be streamed. Therefore, those who are avid about web-based series will enjoy this. You can also take a look at the other ones.


Another fantastic streaming website online which gives the ability to stream TV series however, it is not able to stream Web-series. Similar to other websites there is no requirement to register on this site to enjoy the service free. Many people prefer this website to be an 123Movies Unblocked website

4. Tubi:

Tubi is a great website to stream films and select TV channels. The website can be linked directly to any device and streamed from there.

This is a completely free and legal service that can access online. You could even connect it to your televisions and stream chosen channels. The advertisements are less, making it an excellent site to try.

5. SeeHD:

A well-designed online streaming site for movies. It is different from the other 123movies proxies that are unblocked as mentioned above, this one can bring you to a site which has access to television shows and web-series.

In this case, “Legacies” is a TV-show that follows the well-known TV show “Vampire Diaries”. It is not available on moviestars or popcornflix, but it can be seen in SeeHD.

6. ZMovies

Zmovies is a well-known site to watch Hollywood television series and Hollywood films on the internet. The website also offers an Android application, which allows you to comfortably access this from your smartphone, but be cautious because ZMovies is packed with redirect links as well as spam link. These links can damage your device or even inject viruses into your device. Therefore, always utilize Antivirus Software and VPN to access these sites.

7. Vumoo

Vummo is a high-quality , video streaming website for Hollywood films, Japanese movies, Korean and Chinese films. It is possible to use this site as a 123movies Unblocked website alternative, and stream a variety of international films in your local language for no cost. The user interface on Vumoo is simple to use by anyone who wants to access Vumoo on Mobile computer, tablet or laptop and watch the most recent regional films.

8. Primewire

Primewire is among the sites that is quite similar to the 123movies proxy site. Primewire provides Movies as well as TV serials in a variety of languages as well as subtitles. Primewire offer a large selection of TV and film series and can be filtered by release Year and Movie Genere subtitles, Country-wise, and more quickly. The Tech Diary The Tech Diary always recommend choosing the most reliable VPN solutions when accessing the Primewire website.

9. HD Popcorns

If you’re looking to download Movies in high quality video such as 1080p or 720p, HD Popcorns is the website that you can use as an alternative website to the 123Movies proxy. The process of downloading is simple you need click on the movie name, and a new page will appear with the details of the movie. Then, hit the download button in order to begin the download process. This is among the most effective options available for the 123Movies unblocked site.

10. VexMovies

VexMovies is among the top 123Movies Unblocked website alternatives for 2022. It also provides latest films in diverse categories like Action, Adventure, Thriller, Crime, Romance, Drama, and other categories. You are able to search for films that are years old on this site. This website has features that make it amazing.

11. Couchtuner

Couchtuner is also among the most popular streaming sites for TV which provide online TV for free. You can enjoy a wide range of TV series, Movies’ latest web series, and much more without signing up or registering. There are numerous options for couchtuner accessible on the internet and it’s similar to the 123Movie website in terms of features and user interface.

Do VPN and proxy the same thing?

They aren’t, VPN takes control of all traffic coming through your web browser and then encrypts it to ensure that you can’t be tracked back.

How to Stream Movies Online on 123Movies Proxy?

Online streaming movies aren’t as complicated as it appears All we require is a reliable network with a proxy server and a working VPN.

The proxy servers of 123movies aren’t important they’re available in search engines and later within the report. However, using the VPN is vital when you’re on a non-secure website , such as the 123movies unblocking website.

You must ensure that you have turned off your adblockers and tracker blocks. Make sure to agree to all cookies. If you’re concerned about any of the information below.

Method 1.

VPN is the problem and it’s best to use an VPN application that provides services. If it’s not a reliable service I would recommend avoiding risk. However, there are many choices in VPN services, whether free or paid, but using one of them is the best.

Method 2.

If you’re uncomfortable paying a monthly fee to use an VPN and you feel like you’re a jerk for doing it, you can utilize browsers that come with built-in VPN or proxy.

Try Opera GX to start with.

The Best Options for Movie Downloading (123Movies Proxy does not offer download feature)

If you plan to enjoy movies without ads, buffers, or studders You might want to download the videos. The proxy 123movies above will not let you download videos on these websites.

If you are angry by this information Try the download alternatives discussed below.

1. Torrents:

When it comes to downloading any software or video games on 123Movies, torrent is the most suitable option. However, there’s a drawback when you consider this.

There are numerous torrent downloaders, however the best is Utorrent. In the case of Android users, we are able to access any website and browse for however we like. For computers, it’s not secure when compared with the 123movies unblocked proxy sites.

Therefore, when you search for torrents, you should try to make use of VPN. VPN.

Applications to test:

  • Android – utorrent, Flud, Tordroid.
  • System – qBittorent Vuze Utorrent, Deluge, BitTorrent.

2. Direct Downloads:

Some sites allow users to download direct downloaded films. This requires additional applications to enable them.

Examples: Using one of the choices available you can download films and TV shows from our Page. in.

Note: Type into the name of the person if the similarity isn’t able to provide an answer.

Conclusion on the 123 Movies Proxy Websites

At the time of day, we spend money via internet-pack tickets to movies, VPN services, or the monthly subscription. We need to figure out what is best for our needs and then pursue it. The alternative site 123 movies was an excellent start to movies online, but now they are in the shoulders of many proxy sites.

We hope that we can be in a position to provide you with information about the 123Movies Unblocked website. We would appreciate your feedback via the comment section.

My recommendation is direct downloads or torrents as not all users will have a stable internet connection or be prepared to compromise their privacy. Therefore, it is dependent on each person’s personal preferences.

1. What are the most trusted Torrent search engines?

The engine you choose to use will not give you 100% satisfaction, however If you’re trying to find all torrents in the same location, you can consider 123Movies Proxy or 123Movies unlocked website, 1337xto.to, YTS, TorHD.

2. Is 123movies Proxy Website wort it?

With all the features you can get for free it’s a waste of money. Alternative websites like 123Movies are worthwhile since you’ll have an access to the best content for free of any cost.

3. Are proxy servers illegal?

It is contingent on what you intend to use it for. However, in general, it is legal to make use of a 123Movies unlock proxy server for the site.

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