Video Surveillance System

While network security is the topmost concern for your business, you should be equally serious about physical security. The best means to ensure protection is contacting a reliable video surveillance distributor and installing a surveillance system in your office.

When you install a security camera, you protect your company assets that are vital for your business operations. In addition, they can deter and combat crime, provide you with a clear picture of the offender and improve your business productivity.

If you want to know if installing surveillance systems is worth the investment and what it can bring to the table, you may go through the following section.

1. Improved security

When you install a video surveillance system, you ensure your establishment’s and your employees’ protection. It means you no longer have to worry about theft or intrusions. In addition, employees also don’t have to fret about harassment or other issues that may affect the workflow.

When employees know that the surveillance system captures everything, they can relax and concentrate better on their work. Ideally, your video surveillance distributor should provide you with high-quality and specialised video cameras that you can place at parking lots, entrances and exits to ensure maximum security.

2. Increased productivity

Employees show more productivity when they are aware of being recorded. So, you can reprimand time-wasting events that get caught on the cameras.

Furthermore, it can also be an excellent way to note the employees’ efforts to accomplish a particular task. You can use such footage to reward employees or even during training.

However, surveillance systems also increase concerns about employee privacy. Hence, it is better to review footage when necessary, as your purpose is to protect the employees, not observe them.

3. Reduce the burden of HR

Not all cases of harassment get reported in an office. A video surveillance system provides solid proof with timestamps. Moreover, certain systems also enable you to record audio. So, if a harassment case arises, you can look unbiasedly at the footage and learn the truth about it. This way, you can reduce the burden of HR by having evidence at your disposal to deal with the case correctly.

4. Prevent crimes

Many small businesses lose thousands of dollars due to break-ins, theft, or serious crimes. Therefore, the first thought to come to your mind before contacting the video surveillance distributor is to safeguard your business against intrusions and theft. You can effectively deter theft and vandalism by installing the cameras in the right places and preventing loss of money and reputation.

5. Reduce insurance premiums

While it may vary according to cases, having a video surveillance system can lower your insurance premiums. When you have cameras in your establishment, you can prevent issues related to harassment, liability claims or comp claims. It means you have lesser chances of getting sued, which lowers your insurance price in the long run.

6. Improve storage and access

The new age surveillance systems store camera footage on DVR systems. It means that you can store more footage and also access them easily. Furthermore, instead of looking at computer monitoring security footage or staying trapped in the office, you can leverage the flexibility of remote and secure login of these surveillance systems. So, if you have a remote site under surveillance, you can log in from anywhere and look at it.

When you install an advanced surveillance system, you build a solid foundation for your organisation’s security. With the choice of the right distributor, you can also have access to expert technicians that can help you set up a surveillance network and offer you various other benefits. So, assess your needs and install the right products for optimum security.

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