Software HUBS

Software HUBS are devices that allow you to control multiple functions through a single interface. They can range from simple tasks such as switching on a smart plug to complex ones such as activating motion sensors and locking external doors in the event of an intruder. The software for these devices offers on-screen tools to control each of the components of the control system. In turn, actions are invoked by activators that control the system’s operation.


Fabry is a Polski software house that provides specialized software for companies in various fields. Their services include cyfrowy products and software development. Their clients include medycyna, farmacja, motoryzacyj, and opiate. They are also known for offering high-quality professional business consulting services.


Apiumhub is a technology hub focused on software development. It is designed to bring together the elements of technology, design, and innovation in a single location. The name Apiumhub was chosen for this purpose, as it symbolizes a fresh start and clean renewal. While the color green can represent many things, from health and wellness to prosperity and reliability, green also carries a meaning of mental clarity and renewal.

Apiumhub’s core business focuses on software development, but the company has expanded its offerings and its network of collaborators to cover the full product transformation process. The company has also branched out into other fields, including design and AI. Apiumhub recently launched a Global SoftwareHUBS Architecture Summit, which brings together leading figures in the field. The summit will focus on best practices and innovative approaches to software architecture and design.

In addition to software development, Apiumhub also provides training in the field of software architecture. The company employs recent graduates, as well as offers B2B courses to other companies. This helps companies increase the knowledge of their internal employees. The company also offers an Apium Academy for its students.

Apiumhub considers itself a technology hub within the startup ecosystem. The company regularly attends technology events, participates in discussions, and collaborates with startups. One example of its collaboration is the VYou application, which enables startup companies to launch MVPs quickly and without a lot of expenditure.

Apiumhub is an innovation center zeroed in on programming improvement. It is intended to unite the components of innovation, planning, and development in a solitary area. The name Apiumhub was picked for this reason, as it represents a new beginning and clean reestablishment. While green can address numerous things, from well-being and health to success and dependability, green likewise convey a sign of mental lucidity and re-establishment.

Apiumhub’s center business centers around programming improvement, yet the organization has extended its contributions and its organization of colleagues to cover the full item change process. The organization has likewise spread out into different fields, including plan and computer-based intelligence. Truth be told, Apiumhub as of late sent off a Worldwide Programming Design Culmination, which unites driving figures in the field. The culmination will zero in on prescribed procedures and imaginative ways to deal with programming engineering and planning.

Notwithstanding programming improvement, Apiumhub additionally gives preparation in the field of programming design. The organization utilizes ongoing alumni, as well as offers B2B courses to different organizations. This assists the organization with expanding the information on their inward representatives. The organization additionally offers an Apium Foundation for its understudies.

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