Best Smart Door Locks

You have complete control over the security of your home by checking below best smart door locks. With the right steps, you can make your house as secure as you like.

When it comes to security, smart locks are one of the best options. Do you still have questions about smart locks? This article will help you make an informed decision.

What is Smart Locks?

Smart locks are a combination of a mechanical lock and an electronic lock that can be opened without the use of a key. They also require authorization from authorized owners. Smart locks are a great way to add convenience, security and utility to your home.

You no longer need to keep the keys hidden under the pot or doormat. Smart locks allow you to grant access to your family, friends, or people close to you. Smart locks can be connected to Wi-Fi and support Siri, Alexa and other smart assistants. It offers convenience for modern people.

It alerts the owner about who is coming and going, and some smart locks even keep a log. We will be highlighting some of the most effective smart locks for your home in this article.

There are pros to using a smart lock instead of a regular door lock

Secured Access

Smart locks allow the owner to grant access to friends and family without having to compromise security. It is easy to change locks every once in a while. Smart locks can be used to eliminate the stress of losing keys or making duplicate keys for friends and family. The virtual keys allow for easy access and remote control.

Accessible via smartphones

Smart locks can be connected via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. It can be accessed via smartphone. Owners are notified whenever someone uses the front doors and when they are used by others. The lock can be controlled remotely from anywhere, anytime. You can share temporary or permanent access with family and friends by giving them passcodes. Smartphones can access all the top smart locks.

Multiple options for locking/unlocking your home

Smart locks allow you to lock and unlock your home using multiple methods, including Wi-Fi, smart locks, automatic lock/unlocks, fingerprint, passcodes, mechanical keys, shake to open, and smart locks. The owner decides who has permanent access and who can be granted temporary access. Smart locks can store up to 100 fingerprints (50 users). Smart locks are extremely difficult to hack and almost impossible for anyone to guess the passcode.

Modern designs

You can choose from many different designs, including futuristic, minimalistic, small and rustic. There are many keyless entry smart locks on the market. They come in a variety of colors and designs (glass-like and metal) and can be purchased at a reasonable price. These locks are easy to install. Standard doors can also be fitted with smart locks. They are versatile and can be used in a variety of settings. Modern looking smart locks are the best for your home.

Forget keys

Smart locks are secure, keyless locks. No longer are keys hidden away in a safe place. You can hide your keys in dark corners, under the bed, under the table, under the flowerpot, under the mattress or under the table. Don’t worry about keys. Keys can easily be lost or stolen. Smart locks can be controlled by the owner using a smartphone or fingerprint.

Let’s now look at some smart door locks that will improve home security.


August smart locks can be fitted to the inside of your door. Regular deadbolts are made smarter, safer, and more convenient by August smart locks. It’s quick and easy to share permanent, schedule, or temporary access with family members, friends, and others you trust. It’s not necessary to place a key underneath the doormat. It can be installed on any door.

Installation takes only 10 minutes. August locks are smaller than single-cylinder deadbolts, and fit over them perfectly. The smart Wi-Fi lock allows for hands-free unlocking and can automatically unlock when the owner returns home. DoorSense and Auto-Lock allow the house to automatically lock after the door has been closed. August is the best smart lock to protect your home.

Kwikset Halo Touch

Kwikset Halo Touch allows keyless entry using just one fingerprint. Halo Touch smart door lock can store up to 100 fingerprints (50 user), making it easy for family and friends to share access. It’s Wi-Fi capable. HALO Touch, a Wi Fi-connected fingerprint door lock, connects directly with the home Wi Fi network and a smartphone to create a secure smart home. It does not require a subscription or panel from any third party.

It provides protection against advanced break-in techniques, and the owner can re-key lock within seconds. Kwikset makes it possible to remotely manage deadbolt locks from any location. Remotely lock and unlock the electronic deadbolt and manage users and schedules. You can also check the status of your front door.

Yale Assure Lock

Yale Assure Lock is an intelligent door lock. It can unlock the door using Auto-Unlock, or by unlocking with the keypad or Yale Access app. You can enjoy keyless access without the need for a keychain. The lock can be connected to your favorite voice assistant, smart home system or other device. It can be used with Amazon Alexa and other voice assistants such as Hey Google, Apple HomeKit or Philips Hue. You don’t need an additional hub to use the Wi-Fi bridge.

The Yale Assure lock can also be set to Auto-Unlock when the owner returns home, allowing for hands-free unlocking. DoorSense and Auto-Lock make it easy to lock your home. Yale Assure locks fit standard doors and are easy to install.

Kwikset 99530-002

Kwikset 99530-002 is a modern design. It has a slim, modern design and a glass-like finish. It is keyless and convenient. Owners need to use user codes instead of keys to access their home. Kwikset provides up to 16 user codes that can be customized and an option to add a master code for added security.

It provides a secure screen. This patented technology prevents code detection by fingerprints on the touchscreen. If the batteries are not enough, this lock will use a 9V battery to provide backup power. This version of Kwikset obsidian doesn’t have wireless connectivity.

Level Lock

Level Lock is a compact design. It can be hidden on the inside of your door. The smallest smart lock is Level Lock. You can lock or unlock your door using a simple touch of a key, key card, Level Home app or a fingerprint. It is compatible with iOS and Android. It is strong and secure. The Level Lock is compliant with the highest industry standards in security, durability, finishing, and quality.

You can also use it to stay connected with Level lock, access anywhere, lock and unlock Siri with Siri, automate, and much more. The smart lock is small and sleek in design. The installation is simple as it only requires a screwdriver. It replaces the American standard deadbolt.

Wyze Lock

Wyze Lock, a smart lock, allows you to lock or unlock your door from anywhere in the globe using the Wyze App. The included Wyze Gateway connects the lock to the Wi-Fi. This allows the owner to share the access to their home with family members, contractors, friends, and dog walker. Wyze Lock allows the owner to control who has access.

A Wyze lock is also available for smart homes. This makes it easy to set up your home. For greater efficiency, Alexa setup is simple.

Wyze Lock can tell you not only the status of the lock, but also whether the door is closed or open. Wyze Lock is different from other locks because it has a built-in GPS that indicates the location of the door. It locks and unlocks automatically, so there are no separate sensors.


Sifely is a keyless door lock. This smart lock is great for short-term Airbnb hosts, property management, self-housing residents, and rental property management. Remotely generate a passcode and share it with visitors. This advanced 5-in-1 Smart Door Lock is Keyless Entry and Fingerprint + Code. It also includes a Fob, Smartphone + Key, and a Fob. This smart lock can be installed by the owner in just minutes using a Phillips screwdriver. You don’t need any additional drills or locksmiths.

This smart lock is a top-rated choice because it has a door handle that can be reversible for right- and left-handed doors. It may cause problems with screen doors due to its size. Sifely Wi-Fi Gateway can be used to pair the smart door lock with the owner. The owner can remotely lock/unlock it from anywhere, at any time, set up codes, and view real-time access logs.


ULTRALOQ can remotely unlock, share and access smart locks. For permanent access, certain dates or periods, you can share the e-key/code remotely with family members, guests, and service personnel.

Smart Lock locks automatically when the owner leaves, and unlocks upon arrival with a smartphone in their pocket. This smart lock also supports voice control via Alexa or Google Assistant.

It is also compatible with Apple Watch and IFTTT. It’s most notable feature is 6-in-1 Keyless Entry. Touch and Go 360deg Fingerprint ID + Antipeep Keypad + Smartphone+ Auto Unlock + Shake To Open + Mechanical Key You can replace the deadbolt using a simple screwdriver. ULTRALOQ, the world’s most trusted smart lock brand, offers a lifetime mechanical warranty as well as an 18-month electronic warranty.


The smart lock Eufy recognizes fingerprints in 0.3 seconds and opens the door in a matter of seconds. It works faster than searching for keys. There are four options to unlock: Use the Eufy Security app with Bluetooth to open in a flash, use your fingerprint or the electronic keypad.

It can also be used with a Wi Fi Bridge to remote control, which is sold separately. The sensor detects when the door is shut and locks it automatically. This protects the home even when the owner’s in a rush.

This smart lock is weatherproof. This smart lock protects homes from any location. This smart lock is ideal for protecting your home from extreme temperatures. It can withstand temperatures up to 70 degC/158degF.


Schlage is a smart lock that uses Wi-Fi to allow the owner to lock/unlock anywhere from any device. To create and manage up to 100 access codes, the owner must pair with the Schlage Home App.

It allows the owner to view the status of the lock and lock/unlock the door. Alexa can also tell you when your battery is low and set up smart replenishment through Amazon Dash Replenishment so that the owner always has spare batteries. Fingerprint-resistant, capacitive touchscreen with easy one-touch locking adds up to its design. You can use it with voice-enabled products and enjoy hands-free convenience thanks to its optional voice control.


Lockly Smart Lock recognizes fingerprints in 0.5 seconds. It unlocks your door in one second. The smart lock allows for keyless entry and can be used to unlock your door using Fingerprint + Passcode + Smartphone + mechanical Key + share e-key. The smart door lock can be locked/unlocked anywhere, anytime by pairing with the LOCKLY WiFi Hub

The patented PIN Genie technology of Lockly makes it almost impossible to guess an owner’s personal access code by constantly shifting number locations on the backlit, secure keypad. Lockly also saves access history. From a smartphone, the owner can view who has been and what they have done. It’s great to track family members and friends as they return home. You can issue codes or digital keys remotely via your smartphone to grant one-time or limited access for a specific time.


Smart locks are a new way to secure your home. Smart locks can be connected to smartphones to notify owners of who is coming and going. This lock is a great choice for seniors, families, and kids. Smart locks can be controlled remotely via smart lock apps. The virtual key can be shared with friends, family, and other people that the owner trusts.

You don’t need multiple keys and there is no risk of losing them in the middle or getting stuck at the door. Smart locks can end all of these problems. This article will discuss the top smart locks available for your home and how easy they are to install.

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