Service Tag On Laptop

You’ll need to provide a the Service Tag or Serial Number when calling Tech Support Department of computer manufacturers such as DELL, HP and others. Below are the steps for locating the Service Tag on Laptop or Desktop computer.

Find Service Tag On Laptop or Desktop Computer

Service Tag is an unique alphanumeric number assigned to DELL, HP and other computer makers to identify the device’s location to support online and service history, as well as parts, and for downloading drivers.

If you just bought your Laptop the Serial Number or Service Tag should be visible on a label that can be found on the side on the gadget.

In the case of Desktop computer the service tag could be located on a sticker that is attached to the sides or front of the unit.

If the sticker is faded, you will not be able to locate the Service Tag when you go to Settings or the System Information Screen.

We have therefore provided the following methods for finding your service Tag of your PC.

1. Find Service Tag Using Command Prompt

Follow the steps below to locate your Tag for Service Tag on the Laptop as well as Desktop PC with the WMIC command.

Enter CMD into the Search bar, then right-click the Command Prompt and choose the Run as administrator.

In the Command Prompt window in Command Prompt, type wmic bios serialnumber, then press the Enter key.

3. Once the Command is completed it will display the service Tag of your PC below “SerialNumber” entry.

If WMIC command doesn’t show that Service tag, it’s most likely that the Manufacturer of your system hasn’t saved the Serial Number into BIOS/UEFI Firmware.

2. Check Sticker on the Box

If you have the box that your Laptop or Desktop was shipped in, you should be able to locate that service Tag on a sticker that was attached inside the package.

If you purchased the laptop from a website and you have the laptop, you may be able to locate the Service Tag included in the Email Receipt.

3. Check Registration and Warranty Documents

If you have an account with the company that manufactured your PC, the Service Tag should be visible in the Registration form.

If you were issued an Warranty Certificate or bought an extended warranty and your Service Tag should be available on the Warranty certificate.

4. Check Battery Compartment and Case

For Laptop computer with an external battery the Service Tag is on a label that can be found inside the compartment for batteries.

For Desktop Computers, they might see that service Tag on a label to the case of the computer.

5. Find Microsoft Serial Number on Surface Devices

In the case of Microsoft devices The Service Tag number is usually 12 digits long , and is also known in the industry as Microsoft Serial Number.

1. Open the Surface App and select”Feedback.

2. On the next screen (“Your Surface”) On the next screen (“Your Surface”), you’ll be able to see Microsoft Serial Number listed. Microsoft Serial Number listed.

Like other devices, Microsoft Serial Number should also be visible on the packaging and on a label that is attached to the inside the body Microsoft device.

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