Flashlight Not Working

You can fix problems such as Flashlight not working or Flashlight icon grayed out in Control Center.

What should you do if your iPhone’s flashlight doesn’t work?

You can access the Flashlight for iPhone by simply swiping up from the screen and tapping on the torch icon.

This feature is still accessible for most users, but the Flashlight Icon in Control Center may sometimes become grayed out. In this case, Flashlight cannot be used.

1. Close the Camera App

The same LED light is used to power both Flashlight and camera App iPhones. It can be found at the back of your device.

It is impossible to use both Flashlight and Camera simultaneously on iPhone. If the Flashlight Icon appears grayed out on your iPhone, close the Camera App to activate the Flashlight.

2. Take off your iPhone Cover

Sometimes, the Flash Lens is covered incorrectly or poorly by an iPhone cover.

Check the back of your iPhone to see if there is any obstruction to the Flash Lens. Take off the cover and check if Flashlight works properly.

3. Charge iPhone

If your iPhone’s battery is nearly empty, the Flashlight won’t work. Check that your iPhone is fully charged before you try to use the Flashlight.

You can also make sure Low-Power Mode is not accidentally disabled by going to Settings > Batteries.

4. Restart iPhone

Sometimes the Flashlight is not working because of stuck processes, programs or minor glitches.

Scroll down to Shut Down and go to Settings > General.

Allow iPhone to turn off completely > Wait 30 seconds, then restart your iPhone.

5. The Flash can be turned OFF or ON in the Camera

Sometimes the Flash is stuck in the iPhone Camera App. This can be fixed by opening the Camera app on your iPhone, then tapping on the Video Icon, and then tapping on Flash Icon.

Next, choose the ON option followed by the Off option.

Close the Camera and use the Flash to your iPhone.

6. Install updates

Navigate to Settings > General > Tap on Software Update.

Next, click on Download and install (if an Update is available). Follow the instructions to install updates.

7. Reset iPhone Settings

Resetting Settings will wipe your WiFi password and reset your iPhone’s settings and preferences to factory default settings. It will not erase any data.

Select the Reset All Settings option from Settings > General > Reset.

To confirm, click on the confirmation popup. After your iPhone restarts, enter your WiFi Network password to join WiFi Network.

8. Force Restart iPhone

Force Restart iPhone using the steps applicable to your iPhone model.

iPhone 8 or higher: Release Volume Up > Volume Lower > then press and hold Side button (ON/OFF) until Apple logo appears.

iPhone 7/7+: Hold Volume Down + Power (ON/OFF), until you see the Apple logo.

iPhone 6 or below: Hold the Home + Power (ON/OFF), buttons until your iPhone starts with an Apple logo.

If none of the above solutions work, it is possible that your iPhone’s hardware problem is causing problems. You should contact Apple Store to have your iPhone repaired.

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