Message Failed to Send

Snapchat is a well-known messaging application that lets you share snapshots (photos as well as video) to your contacts. You can apply various filters and effects to alter your videos or photos.

Message Failed to Send in Snapchat is a real pain. This is why we’ve put together this guide. We’re here to help with the solution to this issue.

How to Fix Snapchat Messages not Sending

Maybe You’ve Been Blocked

If you have been blocked by the recipient and you have blocked them, you might receive an error message that reads ‘ Failed to send‘.

To determine if someone has truly blocked you, check stories. If you are unable to find news from them, this may indicate that they have blocked you.

Another approach is to look them up using their username. If your search doesn’t yield any results, this is an additional aspect that could support the idea of being blocked.

The method that is bulletproof

There’s also a way to find out if you’ve had your Snapchat account block on Snapchat. Create a new Snapchat account. You can then search for your contact’s username. Do they appear in the results of searches for your new account but are not on your primary account? This indicates that they blocked you.

In this instance it’s not a problem in either your Snapchat profile or your device. It’s not necessary to troubleshoot everything.

Restart Snapchat and Check Your Connection

Restarting and closing the application could fix the issue. You may also leave the app and return to the app. Make sure that connecting to Snapchat’s servers did the trick.

Check that the Internet connection is functioning correctly. If you’re on cellular data, enable Airplane Mode. Connect on the wireless network.

Connect to a WiFi network If that’s feasible. Verify that you are able to send messages via Snapchat with a wireless connection.

Clear the Cache

If the issue remains in the app, try clearing the cache of the app.

  1. Select your profile and navigate to settings..
  2. Scroll down until you reach account actions.
  3. Click Clean Cache followed by Clean All.

Reinstall the App

If you’re not successful you can try uninstalling the application. Press the long press Snapchat icon and then choose an option to uninstall the option. Restart your device.

Go then to Google Play Store, search for Snapchat and then install the application. It is possible that reinstalling the app will resolve the issue with messaging.

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