Photo Stream Not Working

If Photo Stream not working on your iPhone or iPad and iPad, you will not be able to access the iCloud Photos app in your gadget. It should be possible to be able to get Photo Stream working on your device by following the troubleshooting procedures that are listed below.

Photo Stream not working in the Photo Stream App on iPhone or iPad

Photo Stream is a photo stream feature of iPhone lets users transfer up to 10,000 images to iCloud and share them on all of your Apple devices such as iPad, iPod, Mac and Apple TV.

If Photo Stream isn’t working on iPhone it is possible to find “My Photo Stream” album missing from the Photos App or you may find photos and videos on other devices that do not show on My Photo Stream.

1. Check the Battery Status

iPhone automatically turns off Photo Stream once the battery on your device drops to 20 percent. It is the same, in the event that the Low Power Mode is turned off manually on the device.

Therefore, ensure that your iPhone is charged to the max (above 20 percent). Then, go into the Settings > Battery and make sure that the switch on the left side of low power Mode is set to the OFF setting.

2. Check WiFi Network

Photos are transferred to my Photo Stream, only if your device is connected to a reliable WiFi Network. Therefore, ensure that your iPhone is connected to a WiFi Network and the signal strength is high.

3. Refresh Photo Stream

The issue could be caused by that Photo Stream feature being stuck or being erratic.

Navigate to the Settings menu > Photos and make sure that the toggle next to upload to my photo stream is in ON.

If Photo Stream has been activated, turn off Photo Stream, wait for 30 seconds, then turn ON Photo Stream once more.

4. Logout from iPhone and Login to return

Sometimes, the issue could be caused by your Apple ID not being recognised by iCloud. To fix this problem go into Settings, then Apple ID > scroll down to the bottom, and then tap Sign Out.

Once you have logged out Sign back into your device by entering the Apple ID Passcode. Also, ensure that you’re using the identical Apple ID across all of the Apple devices.

5. Close Camera

Uploading photos via iPhone onto My Photo Stream takes place, anytime the device you are using is on WiFi while the Camera app isn’t active.

So, ensure that your Camera App on your device is shut down.

6. Turn off Live Photos

My Photo Stream supports JPEG, TIFF, PNG and RAW formats, however, it’s not yet compatible with Live Photos. This meansthat any photo or Video you take with Live Photography Mode will not be uploaded to the Photo Stream.

Open the Camera app on your iPhone. Select Live Photo Icon and tap on the Off option.

When you are taking photographs or videos on your iPhone ensure that Live Photos has a strike mark.

7. Allow Photo Stream to be enabled on iPad and Mac

It isn’t possible to view photos on your iPad, iPod or Mac in the event that you haven’t enabled the Photo Stream feature has not been enabled on these devices.

On the iPad: Go to Settings > Photos, then toggle the toggle next to My Photo Stream to an ON.

on Mac: Open Photos App , click Photos at the top of the menu bar and choose Preferences from the dropdown menu. On the next screen, click on the ICloud tab, and then select the My Photo Stream option.

For Apple TV: Go to Settings > Accounts > iCloud > Turn On My Photos Stream.

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