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The repeated “Sign in to iCloud” messages in the iPhone or iPad can be a hassle. This issue is easily solved by following the troubleshooting procedures listed below.

Repetition of “Sign into iCloud” Pop-ups appear on iPhone

The problem is Repeated “Sign-in for iCloud” popping-ups in iPhone is often called “iCloud Login Loop” and is experienced on older devices following the release of an iOS update.

In the normal case, iPhone prompts you to “Sign-in to iCloud”. After you sign-in the app prompts you sign-in again, after some minutes.

But, the issue does not disappear after you sign-in for the second or third time around, since iPhone will keep prompting you to sign-in to iCloud several times throughout the day.

1. Verify the status for Apple’s iCloud Service

The reason you get several Sign-in iCloud messages in an iPhone might be due to an issue in the Apple iCloud Service.

To confirm, visit the Apple Systems Status page and check that the circle in front of all iCloud Related Services is green and not Red.

If there’s an issue in the iCloud related Service, you must wait until the issue is resolved by Apple.

2. Log-in to iCloud by using Settings

After logging into iCloud by clicking the pop-up window After that, start Settings and click for Your Apple ID.

The next page, you scroll to the bottom , and then tap Sign out. For 15 seconds, wait and then Log back into the Apple ID. Apple Account.

NOTE: If you are not signed in, you’ll see the Sign-in to Your iPhone option. Click on the Sign-in to your iPhone option, and sign-in by filling in the Apple ID User Name and Password.

3. Power off and Restart

Power flushing can fix issues on iPhone by flushing out stuck processes and programs.

Open Settings, General and Shutdown. Then select the Slider to turn off the power on your OFF iPhone.

You must wait for your iPhone to completely power down. Wait for 30 seconds before restarting your Apple by pressing Power Button.

When your iPhone Restarts, you may be asked to sign in to iCloud (Hopefully only one time).

4. Sign-out and sign-in to iCloud

Following the instructions below, you will be able for signing out from your iPhone and then sign-in again to iCloud.

Click Settings, then Apple ID > scroll down and click Sign Out.

Follow the steps to sign-out of your iPhone. Once you have signed out, you can restart your iPhone with your Power Button.

When the iPhone Restarts, sign in to your iPhone by opening Settings and then tapping the Connect to the iPhone option.

5. Reset Network Settings

Write down the Wireless Network password Follow the instructions below. reset Network settings on the iPhone in Factory Default Settings.

Click Settings > General Reset Then, on the next screen, click the Reset Network Settings.

In the confirmation pop-up Tap on Reset Network Settings to confirm.

This will erase all Network settings from your iPhone and then restore them to factory Default Settings. I hope this fixes the issue of frequent ICloud pop-ups appearing for your iPhone.

6. Update Payment Information

In some cases, the cause you see the sign-in on the iCloud pop-ups on iPhone is because that your Apple ID Payment information not being up-to-date.

Click Settings Apple ID > Payment & Shipping. Tap on your present Payment Method.

The next screen will examine your payment information and make any necessary corrections or updates.

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