Free SQL Tuning Tools

SQL tuning is a fundamental process in any database that fixes problems in a deployed application. Before deployment, application designers set performance and security goals. When the SQL statement fails to meet those standards, it becomes a performance problem. A three-minute query may be too long for a user to wait for a response, or it may consume the CPU of the database host and prevent other queries from running. In either case, it is important to optimize the statement in question to ensure that it is running as fast as possible.

Database Engine Tuning Advisor

When running an SQL tuning session, Database Engine Tuning Advisor can help you tune your data-driven applications to improve performance. The software has a variety of recommendations for tuning, including deleting existing PDS, indexed views, and partitioning. The recommendations are based on the current workload. You can select from online or offline recommendations to optimize your applications. After tuning your database, you can view and export your results to view the progress of your tuning session.

This tool comes with a user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI) that lets you specify your workload, select tuning options, and even tune a database. You can use the tool with SQL Server, or you can integrate it into your applications and scripts. This software can analyze any workload, including a Transact-SQL script, trace table, or plan cache. The GUI also lets you specify the Query Store workload for SQL Server 2016.

SQL Performance Analyzer

A report generated by the SQL Performance Analyzer from SQL TuneD compares the execution statistics and plan changes made to a specific SQL statement. This way, you can compare your current database performance to that of a prior test. It is even possible to compare the current and previous SQL statements, as long as you can get the same results in each test. The tool will also tell you how to improve your performance even further by optimizing your SQL workload.

Another great feature of the SQL Performance Analyzer is its ability to identify regressed SQL statements. Then, you can use the SQL Tuning Advisor to fix the affected statements. You can also use the database performance analyzer to determine the impact of changes to the SQL plan on the execution of a query. The results of the test will be presented in a detailed manner. Moreover, you will be able to determine the performance gain that you can expect once you implement the recommendations.

SolarWinds DPA

SolarWinds DPA for SQL Tuns identifies bottlenecks and pinpoints problem locations to help improve overall performance. It offers direct visibility into issues affecting poorly performing applications and can identify issues before they become huge errors. This product also features machine learning-powered anomaly detection to identify inefficient workloads or heavy queries. In addition to monitoring the performance of your SQL Server, SolarWinds DPA for SQL Tuns helps you reduce operational costs and improve overall database efficiency.

DPA is a SaaS platform for monitoring and troubleshooting database performance. It features an intuitive web-based user interface and cross-platform support for MySQL, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL. Its wide range of tools and utilities help you make informed decisions to improve your database’s performance and minimize downtime. It also supports various database environments, including Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle.


A slow SQL query can cause a lot of problems for a company. The average customer expects a website to respond quickly, and a significant lag in database response time can cause your customers to take their business elsewhere. Even a few milliseconds of delay can compound throughout the entire company. Fortunately, there are a variety of free SQL tuning tools available online to help improve your database’s performance. If you want to find the best SQL tuning tool for your business, check out the list below.

Using the DPA tool can help you optimize the use of resources and ensure your database performs at its optimal level. For example, a database performance tool can be used to determine whether resource provisioning is negatively impacting response times. Another great feature of DPA is the historical data repository that helps you see trends and anomalies over five years. Having this historical data can help you identify performance problems and identify the best solution to them.

Cloud Control

Oracle’s SQL Tuning Pack for Cloud Control enables you to manage the performance of your databases in the cloud. It includes SQL tuning tools and a graphical console for managing your database. The Cloud Control page is the preferred interface for database administration and provides access to all tuning tools. SQL Tuning Pack is available in the Cloud Control and Oracle Management Server. The SQL Tuning Guide offers information about both tools. You can use the SQL Tuning Pack for Cloud Control to test and analyze your SQL queries.

To create a SQL Tuning Set, go to the Settings page and select the ‘Create SQL Tuning Set’ option. On the following screen, specify the filter conditions. In the Value and Operator columns, specify the condition you want to apply to a particular SQL statement. Only SQL statements that meet the specified conditions are included in the search. Otherwise, no results are returned. To explicitly request SQL monitoring, use the /*MONITOR hint in the SQL statement.

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