how much does it cost to wrap a car

Are you looking for a boring, boring, plain vehicle? Do you want to be noticed with a striking and branded vehicle?

If you’re in the business of running it there’s no doubt. If your vehicle is driving or in the parking lot, you’ll need a wrap or maybe you’re leaving your business in the traffic road.

Follow this article for a step-by-step guide on determining How Much Does it Cost to Wrap a Car. When you’re looking to take your car up a notch, call us for more specific and precise cost estimate of your Portland OR vehicle wrap.


Before we go into the details It is crucial to understand that there are a variety of variables that influence the cost of a car wrap. In the words of as Car and Driver explains, “…prices vary greatly depending upon the dimensions of the car as well as the degree of complexity of the wrap, as well as the amount of work needed.” For instance when the exterior of your vehicle is unusually shaped or is curvier than other cars, it’ll require more time to put the wrap on.

Other elements that could impact the cost are the location of your home, the kind of material used, the grade of the materials used and whether the wrap is visuals or graphics as well as the quality of the graphics, and whether or not you require assistance in designing the automobile wrap.


In general car wraps may start with as little as $2000 to the smallest, two-door car and up to $10k plus for bigger car wrap that is more complicated according to the elements mentioned above. In general car wraps will be within the $2500-$5k cost range. When you consider the fact that wraps for cars can last up to 10 years, it’s an excellent investment. And if you’re advertising that long in the open it’s certain to be repaid.

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Partially Vs. ALL CAR CAR Wrap COST

It is expected that the cost of a complete car wrap will be more than a smaller wrapping or decal. To give you a comparison A partial wrap is more likely to be between $1,000 and $2,000 price cost range. Decals cost even less. If you’re working on a budget partial wraps or decals can be a fantastic option to promote your company while traveling with a less expensive method. But you’ll need be careful about the positioning of the decals or wraps to ensure that you get the most views possible.

VEHICLE Wrap or paint?

There are many different methods to apply images and colors to your motor vehicle. The most commonly used methods include applying paint and an ad-hoc vinyl wrap. Vinyl wraps are plastics made for road use which stick to the exterior of the vehicle. It’s like the size of a huge waterproof sticker.

Car wraps made of vinyl are popular due to various reasons, not least the following advantages:

  • They require less time to put on than high-quality paint job.
  • Removal of car wrap is simple and won’t cause any damage to your vehicle.
  • They last for a long time, and are capable of lasting up to 10 years if you take the right treatment and maintenance.
  • They need less maintenance than a car that has been painted.
  • They provide an additional level of security for your car they protect the paint from scratches and dents.
  • They are completely customizable by adding eye-catching text, graphics and pictures.
  • They will help you to increase the visibility of your brand and help make your company look more polished.
  • The most important thing is that vehicle wraps can be a highly effective cost-effective, memorable, and memorable method of advertising. Indeed, a study discovered that 64 percent of U.S. people surveyed saw an advertisement on a vehicle wrapped within the last month and 44% of them noticed it within the last week!

Wraps are a wise choice especially for businesses that want to maximize outdoors advertising possibilities. However, how do the costs compare to paint?


As previously mentioned the price of wrapping your car varies among the vehicles. You’ll have to request an exact quote since there’s no standard size that for all solution. But, we can work out the essential elements you need to be aware of.

The first thing to take into consideration when making an estimate of the cost of a car wrap is the present state that is present on the vehicle(s). The wraps made of vinyl should last for about ten years. They are recommended for new vehicles that do not have any paint damage. Abrasive paint, or broken edges could damage the wrap, causing the wrap to fall off.

If there’s damage to the paint job, it must be fixed prior to the wrap being able to be properly applied. Painting a car could range from $500 and $5,000, based on the condition of the vehicle, the type of paint you’d like to achieve, and how much paint is required to be applied.

After painting You’ll have to determine what type of wrap you’d like to use. If it’s for a vehicle you own the imagination of you is your only limit! You can mix and match vinyls and the right paint.


One of the most exciting aspects about vinyl wraps is the seemingly infinite possibilities to choosing the design as well as the color. Since wraps for vehicles are designed by using a computer program you can make distinct colors and patterns that are extremely expensive and challenging to achieve using paint.

Colors can make a dramatic statement and can create emotional responses So, select the color of your wrap with care and consider your objectives. If you want to look trendy and trendy, then you can draw inspiration from popular wrap colors such as matte black, deep jewel tones, or hues of chrome.

If your objective is to promote your business using your wraps made of vinyl it is best to adhere to the colors that best represent your brand rather than relying on the latest fashions. This will allow you to gain greater brand recognition.

For more inspiration on color take a look at our guide on how to select the most appropriate colors for your car wrap or truck wrap.


While some prefer to flex their cars to suit branding and aesthetics Some prefer the options for finishing. Matte-finish vinyl wraps have become popular and are a rising trend. The matte finish keeps things simple and gives vehicles with a sophisticated and elegant appearance.

If you’re looking for matte finishes painting your car could be more expensive than wrapping it in order to get the same appearance. Vinyl matte is typically priced between the range of $2.00 to $3.50 per square foot.


If you are considering a commercial vehicle wrap, it is important to take into consideration the importance of advertising which is included in the cost of your wrap. The car that is in the roadway can generate an average of 70,000 impressions per day! This is among the greatest deals on advertising.

A delivery vehicle can be an operational customer acquisition vehicle! A “Follow me!” call to action or a sign which prominently displays your business’s website address is a valuable tool. Take into consideration how effectively your business will convert potential customers to the type of marketing you are looking for while determining what kind of wrap you should purchase to cover your vehicles for commercial use.

The final price of a car wrap will depend on the length that the wrap is, its level that it can be customized, and the state of the vehicle and whether it’s a fleet or just a single vehicle. They range starting at around $25 for an already-printed auto sticker, and go all the way to $25,000 for a custom travel bus wrap.


The bigger the car the bigger it is, the more expensive the full wrap of vinyl will be. Although a smaller vehicle could only require about 50 yards of wrap, a smaller truck could require at least 75-100 feet. This means that you should expect to be paying more for a full truck wrap than for a car wrap that is smaller.

Making sure that the right fit is found for a custom truck wrap can be a challenge, especially for a customized work truck or a collection of vehicles. If you’re looking for professional results it is recommended employing a reliable vehicle wrap service with specific knowledge of the design and installation of truck wraps. If you’re planning to invest in advertising on vehicles to advertise your business it is essential to make sure you’re doing it right!


Another factor that can impact the cost of your vinyl wrap is the method you decide to make and place the wrap.

Though putting the vinyl wrap yourself on your vehicle could appear like a simple way to lower the total cost, remember to take into consideration the costs of all the materials, software and equipment you’ll require, along with the amount of time you’ll have to devote to the project. Installing a wrap for your vehicle is usually a two-person task and you’ll require hiring or finding an experienced and competent assistant. Also, you will require an enclosed and dust-free space to complete the task in a timely manner.

Furthermore, the process of applying the vinyl wrap is technically challenging, requires time and practice, leaving the possibility of mistakes. It is generally just one chance to apply a piece of vinyl to your vehicle. If you make a mistake it could be necessary to begin again!

If you’re looking for expert lasting outcomes, we suggest hiring experts automotive wrap expertsto make sure you get top-quality designs and installation.

Protect your investment with a proper VEHICLE WAP MAINTENANCE

As we’ve mentioned before the best quality vehicle wrap is expected to last for at least ten years. If you’re promoting or advertising your business through the wrap, it’s an amazing ROI considering the number of impressions you could achieve in 10 years!

Regular maintenance and cleaning can help extend the life of your car wrap and ensure you get the most from your investment. The longer you delay taking steps to scrub dirt and stains from your wrap, the more difficult it will be to clean them Clean your vehicle on a regular basis! It is recommended to clean your vehicle that has been wrapped in vinyl with an automotive sponge as well as gentle car wash. Be aware of the cleaning products you choose to use and beware of oil-based solvents and cleaners.

Over time, exposure to elements and pollutants in the air could cause the wrap to degrade It is recommended to keep the wrap in an indoor garage as often as you can.

Put on your wrap!

The simple old vehicle costs you! You’re missing an enormous promotion opportunity for your company. Find the wrap you’ve been thinking about for years and begin making an impression every when you drive.

We’re experts on car wraps. The Vehicle Graphics Department specializes in custom-designed car graphics in Portland from basic door graphics to full-coverage wraps. Utilizing only the most durable media made specifically for use on vehicles, our tested methods of installation will expertly brand your vehicle with graphics that last longer than the competition.

We are experts in vehicle paint as well! From a quick touch-up to a complete body-job the Paint Department has the experience to ensure that your vehicle is looking the best.

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