Block Phone Numbers

If you’re annoyed by calls from unwanted callers You can stop the callers from annoying your by block phone Numbers on your phone. In this post, we’ll explain how to block unknown and known callers on your iPhone.

Call Blocking Feature on iPhone

Your iPhone has the ability to block calls that allows you to disable known and unidentified callers from your iPhone.

If you block a phone number from your iPhone and block it, callers are still able to contact you and send text messages. However, they will not receive an email letting them know that the message or call was blocked.

In the same way, your iPhone won’t be a nuisance to you when it sends notifications regarding a blocked phone number trying to contact you through text messages or phone calls.

Block Phone Numbers on iPhone

If you discover an unknown number which is calling you be patient and be patient and wait for the call to be silenced, or you can disconnect the call. Then, you can search for the number under the Recent Calls tab , and then block calls from the annoying caller on your iPhone.

1. From the Home Screen of your iPhone Tap in the app for Phone.

2. Next, tap on the Recent Calls tab on the lower right of the screen (See below for images)

3. Next, find the number you wish to block, and then tap the “i” icon right next to the number (See the image below).

4. On the Callers Information Screen scroll down, and then tap”Block this caller.

5. You will see an alert asking you to confirm your details Click on the Block Contact.

Block Hidden Phone Number on iPhone

The fundamental call blocking feature in an iPhone is easily beaten by callers who conceal their Caller IDs or utilize other methods to block their number. If there is no Caller ID, the iPhone will be unable to discern who is calling, and will not be in a position to block the phone call.

However you iPhone will display that the number is unknown The number will be withheld or the number is not a Caller ID. There isn’t a way on the iPhone to block calls from people who conceal their Caller IDs and use different methods to hide their number.

The only way to stop Hidden Numbers on iPhone is to alter the “Do Not Disturb” function for your iPhone to only get calls from known number-callers.

1. From the Home Screen of your iPhone Tap on Settings.

2. On the Settings screen, scroll down , and click on Do Not Disturb.

3. On the Do Not Disturb Screen Tap on Allow calls from.

4. On the next screen, click on All Contacts.

By setting this option, you iPhone will only accept calls from those listed on your Contacts List Other phone calls made by unknown number that do not appear in Your Contacts List will be muted.

The problem with this approach is that you could not receive valid calls in the event that an important or legitimate caller isn’t listed in Your Contacts List.

But the best part is that you’ll be notified of missed calls and callers can leave the message in a message.

Unblock the phone numbers on iPhone

If you make mistakes or changed your thoughts, you are able to remove Phone numbers from your iPhone following the steps in the following steps.

1. From the Home Screen of your iPhone click on Settings.

2. On the Settings Screen Scroll down, then tap Phone.

3. Next, tap on Blocked.

4. On the Blocked Screen You will be able to view the list of blocked numbers. Review this list and click Edit.

5. Now, tap on the minus symbol (-) on the right side of the Contact you wish to remove. Then, you will see an Unblock button that is hidden Tap on it to unblock the Contact off your Call Block list of your iPhone.

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