Clear Your Browsing History

It is a good idea to clear Your Browsing History on iPhone periodically because it aids in maintaining your privacy as well as improving the performance of your device.

Clear History of Browsing from iPhone

The major web browsers which includes the standard iPhone Safari browser, keep a precise track of the websites you visit. This data is accessible to anyone with an access point to the device.

Therefore, one of the main reasons to erase browsing history from your device is to stop someone else being able view your history of browsing.

Beyond that the primary reason for clearing your browsing records and data caches is to clean out cached datathat could cause a slowdown and affect the performance of your device.

1. Clean Safari browsing History on iPhone

If you’re running the standard Safari browser you can clean of your Browsing History by clicking settings on the device.

Navigate in Settings > Safari > scroll to the bottom and click on Clean History as well as Website Data.

In the confirmation pop-up Tap on Clear History and Data to confirm.

This will erase all browsing history as well as cookies and other site information off your computer.

2. Clean Chrome browsing History on iPhone

Google’s Chrome Browser gives you users with easy access to all of your browsing history. It also offers the option of clearing Browsing History beginning with the last Hour to Last 24 hours and the last 7 days as well as the last 4 weeks and all Time.

Open the Chrome browser. Tap on three dots menu icon in the bottom menu. Select the History tab from the menu that opens.

Next screen click on the Clear Browsing Data… option.

On the Clear Browsing Data screen, choose All Time as the Time Range and then click Clear Browsing Data.

When the confirmation pop-up appears click to Clear Browsing Data to confirm.

This will remove all of your Browsing History as well as Cookies and other data on websites from the Google Chrome browser.

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