HEIC Photos to PNG

The default setting on iPhone snaps photos in the format HEIC/HEIF which can cause problems with compatibility when making uploads and sharing Photos on specific websites. In these situations it is possible to convert your HEIC Photos into PNG images on iPhone and iPad.

Convert HEIC Photos to PNG on iPhone and iPad

While the HEIC format for files is used in Apple for its products helps save storage space, it’s not as widely used in the same way as .PNG or .JPG Formats for files.

We have below two simple methods for converting HEIC images to JPG format for either your iPhone and iPad.

1. Setup iPhone to Transfer Photos in PNG Format to Mac or PC

Perhaps the most efficient method of converting HEIC images to PNG is setting up your device to make automatic transfers of Videos and Photos to a compatible format.

Go to Settings > Pictures Scroll down, then select the option to automatically transfer under “Transfer to Mac or PC” section.

If you Transfer photos from iPhone into Mac and Transfer photos from iPhone to your PC the photos will be saved automatically with .PNG or .LPG Formats for files.

2. Convert HEIC Photos to PNG on iPhone Using Files App

All you have to do to convert the HEIC Photos into PNG images on iPhone is to launch the Photos App and copy the Photos into Files App.

Open the Photos app to the iPhone or iPad and then tap”Select.

Choose the image or photos that you wish to convert to PNG format. Then, tap the Share Icon located in bottom menu.

In the slide-up menu which appears, choose on the Copy Photo option.

After that, open the Files App and then tap the Browse tab on the bottom menu, and then choose your preferred storage location (On my iPhone or iCloud Drive) to copy the photos you have copied.

Once you have arrived at the desired location to save Select the Long-press option and then to select the Paste option.

The selected photo are saved in the Files App in the widely used PNG file Format.

This method can be used whenever you stumble upon websites that do not take files that are in HEIC File file format.

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