Check How to Permanently Delete Facebook Messages From Both Sides. If you don’t like sending an email to someone on Facebook Messenger Don’t be frightened. You have the option of doing something to change it.

Maybe you’ve have sent an email to incorrect person. Perhaps you realized that you were a bit harsh with the person. Perhaps you’re worried that the person may transmit your messages to someone they know. It’s not a problem when you act quickly.

How to Permanently Delete Facebook Messages From Both Sides

1. On your smartphone Tap and hold the text you would like to erase.

2. Choose the option to delete.

facebook remove message

3. Click on the unsendoption when asked for whom you’d like to take down the message for.

facebook unsend message

4. Choose to confirm when asked to confirm your choice.

facebook message unsend confirmation

5. In the event that the email was deleted successfully and you have an acknowledgement note that reads ‘ You unsent a message‘.

facebook you unsent a message

However the person who received the message will receive a message informing them that you have deleted the message. It’s not possible to conceal that message. If you erase an email, the person who received it will be aware that you deleted it.

facebook user unsent a message

You can remove this ‘ You unsent a message’note from your Messenger application. This does not mean that the note will disappear from your recipient’s chat history. It is only possible to remove it from the chat log. Others chat participants will be able see it.

= Important: Facebook previously had an option referred to as ‘ Remove for Everyone’. The option is no more accessible. However, you can still use Unsend to do the same thing. unsend option to accomplish exactly the identical procedure.

THE Number One Rule

The number One rule is to not send messages you may regret later. Be careful not to make a mistake and send messages that could get you in trouble. Remember that when you are able to utilize the option to unsend The recipient might be already taking a photo from the conversation history.

Many Facebook users have embraced the option to unsubscribe messages. However, this feature is available only for six months after the date you sent the message. Facebook users are not able to delete messages older than six months. In this situation the only method to erase the message is to solicit the recipient to delete the message.

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