Quickly Clear RAM

Here’s a quick method to clear RAM for iPhone that works on New iPhone models lacking Home Button as well as older models of iPhone with the Home button that is physically present.

Rapidly clear RAM on iPhone

Even with the latest version of iPhone It is likely to slow and turn slow over time.

This is due to old or invalid data, as well as bits of non-utilized programs accumulating within RAM. Random Access Memory (RAM) of your iPhone.

It is therefore an ideal practice to provide the device a fresh start device periodically by clearing your RAM or Random Access Memory or RAM.

Below, you will find the steps needed to include an “Assistive Touch icon’ onto the Homescreen of the iPhone and to use your Assistive Touch Menu in order to swiftly erase the RAM on any version of iPhone.

1. Create the Assistive Contact Icon to iPhone

Then, follow the steps listed below to add Assistive Touch icon on the home screen of your iPhone.

1. Open Settings on your iPhone Scroll down to the bottom and select Accessibility.

2. On Accessibility screen click on the Touch option under the “Physical And Motor.

3. On the Touch screen, select the AssistiveTouch.

4. On the next screen, turn On the AssistiveTouch feature.

The gray and white “Assistive Touch icon appear on the display on your phone.

2. Clean RAM in iPhone With Assistive Touch Menu

If the Assistive Touch icon appears displayed to you on your iPhone If you want to use it, follow the steps below to swiftly clean the RAM on your iPhone.

1. Go to Settings General > Scroll down until you reach Shut Down.

2. On Slide to Power Off screen, click one time on the AssistiveTouch icon . it will launch the Assistive Touch menu.

3. In AssistiveTouch menu Tap on and hold the Home until you can get a flashing screen before return the Lock Screen.

These steps will clean the RAM of your device, and you will have it running more efficiently than it did before.

When your iPhone is slow and slow, follow these steps to clean memory and speed up performance.

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