Reset Microsoft Account Password

If you’ve forgotten your Microsoft Account Password, you can read below for two possible methods for recovering or reset Microsoft Account Password.

Reset Microsoft Account Password

Windows 10 prompts you to input your email address, when you set up a New Computer Install and reinstall Windows 10 on your existing PC, or when you attempt to create an account as a New Users Account.

When you input an Email Address, you will be asked to enter an account password (different than the email Account password) as well. Windows 10 will create a Microsoft User Account on your PC.

This email address is the basis of your Microsoft Account and it can be used to log in to your computers, download applications from the Windows Store and Use Microsoft Services such as Skype, Outlook, MS Teams and many more.

If you don’t remember your Microsoft Account Password If you forget your Microsoft Account Password, you’ll be unable to log in to your computer with Microsoft Account and will not be able use Microsoft services.

1. Reset Microsoft Account Password on Login Screen

Windows 10 provides the option to reset your Microsoft Account Password right from the login screen.

Visit the Login Screen and then select the Microsoft Account you have created. Account and click on the Have Forgotten My Password option.

When you are on the screen to recover your account Enter your Email Address linked to your Microsoft Account, enter the Captcha characters, and click”Next.

Next, you can choose Email Address the next screen, then Phone Number or the Authenticator App to get an access code for security.

When you’ve made the choice, Microsoft will send a one-time use Security Code to your selected method. Enter this Security Code on the next screen, and then press Enter. Enter key.

The next page will prompt you to type in your New Password for your Microsoft Account and then click Next.

Although this Password recovery method works in the majority of cases however, it is sometimes able to encounter issues. If this occurs, try the following methods, as described below.

2. Reset Microsoft Account Password Online

The most straightforward method of Reset Microsoft Password can be done via Microsoft’s Password Reset website.

Go to Microsoft’s Password reset site, Enter your Email Address linked to your Microsoft User Account and then click”Next.

Next, you can select on the next screen, your Email Address and click the”Get Code button.

When you click Get Code, Microsoft will issue a verification number to the Email Address. Log into Your Email Address to get the code. Then, enter your Security Code and click on Next.

Next, type in a new Password to access Your Microsoft Account and click on the Next button.

You will get an acknowledgement pop-up that reads “Your Password has been Reset” and you’ll be allowed to log in to your computer with Your New Password.


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