Two WhatsApp Accounts

WhatsApp is now so popular that users are eager to make it more excitement by having two WhatsApp accounts on the iPhone and Android Phone.

Use Two WhatsApp Accounts on iPhone and Android

It is generally easy to connect two WhatsApp accounts on Samsung and other Android phones because a large number of low-cost Android phones have Dual SIM Card Slots as well as Dual Messenger feature.

Because Dual SIM phones may have two number of phone numbers It’s easy to verify an extra WhatsApp Account from one phone.

In the case of iPhone the only way to utilize two WhatsApp Accounts would be to use the version for business of WhatsApp that gives you the option of using an alternative number on one phone.

Notice: iPhone XS and XR models have eSIM support as well as the traditional Nano-SIM.

1. Use Two WhatsApp Accounts on iPhone and Android

The easiest method to use two WhatsApp Accounts for the both iPhone as well as Android can be to install and download the version for business of WhatsApp on your mobile.

NOTE: Downloading WhatsApp Business will not impact your current WhatsApp Account for as long as you have an alternative phone number to confirm WhatsApp Business.

1. Open the App Store on your iPhone (Google Play Store in the case for Android Phone).

2. Search for WhatsApp Business and then install WhatsApp Business on your Phone.

3. Once the App has been downloaded, open WhatsApp and then tap Agree to agree to the WhatsApp Terms of Service.

4. On the next screen, select the Use a Different Number.

5. Select Country, Enter the Phone Number, and then click next to get a confirmation number via WhatsApp on your secondary number.

NOTE: Make sure the second number is active and can accept SMS messages.

6. On the next screen, type in the Verification Code that you received via WhatsApp.

NOTE: Do not close the window or attempt to change the number if you did not receive verification codes via SMS.

Give it five minutes, then tap the Call Me option to receive a verification codes via WhatsApp Automated calling system.

7. On the next screen, type in your name and click Next to complete the setting procedure for your second WhatsApp account.

Upload a profile picture from the next screen. You can also shut off the screen and visit again when you are ready to upload your profile image.

2. Use Two WhatsApp Accounts Using Dual Messenger

As previously mentioned, Samsung and other brand Android phones have Dual SIM Card Slots as well as a built-in Dual Messenger feature.

If the Android Phone supports Dual Messenger feature, you can connect two WhatsApp accounts in the exact phone even if the other SIM Card isn’t connected to the Phone.

This can be done via the Landline Phone Number, Skype or Google Voice Phone Number to confirm the second WhatsApp Account on the same telephone.

1. Go to Settings > Advanced Features > Dual Messenger.

2. On the next screen, switch the toggle adjacent to WhatsApp to the ON position.

3. On the confirmation pop-up, press Install to download a second version of WhatsApp on your phone.

4. Once the download is complete Open WhatsApp and click Agree for acceptance of WhatsApp Terms of Use.

5. On the next screen, choose Country, then enter your second phone number and click Next.

6. Follow the onscreen instructions to verify that you have a Second WhatsApp Account.

After the Account has been verified, you can begin using your primary as well as your secondary WhatsApp Accounts on the same device.

3. Use Two WhatsApp Accounts Using WhatsApp Web

If you own WhatsApp accounts on two handsets (Phone A & B) You can mirror the WhatsApp Account of Phone#A onto the screen of Phone#B , or reverse the process by making use of WhatsApp Web.

1. Download Tab Message App from the Google Play Store on Phone A.

2. Once the App is downloaded then start Tab Message App and tap on the Web Scan option.

3. Once you tap on Web Scan, you will find a QR Code displayed that appears on your smartphone.

4. Open WhatsApp on Phone#B. Tap on the three dots menu icon, then select WhatsApp Web option from the menu drop down.

5. Use the rear camera on Phone#B for scanning the QR code of the phone#A.

When the QR Code is scant and you are able to be able to see that the phone number B WhatsApp Account appear at the top of the phone’s screen. the phone number.

You’ll be able to send and receive messages to Phone#A with the Phone#B’s WhatsApp Account.

Using Two WhatsApp Accounts on the Same Phone

When you sign up for the two WhatsApp accounts on the same phone you will get two WhatsApp icons in the home screen on your smartphone.

All you have to do on your end is to click on the WhatsApp account that you wish to access at a specific time on your mobile.

Depending on the model of your phone depending on your device, you could also have the option of using either standard or alternative Contacts lists for both WhatsApp accounts.

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