Message Center Number

If you’re unable to send, but you can only receive text messages, it is possible that you require to change your message center number.

With the increasing popularity of instant messengers as well as VoIP services, SMS as well as MMS services have been put on a position of a backseat. However, this basic and reliable text messaging service does its job well and still is used by many. However that, certain Android users have complained that they cannot send SMS messages from their mobile phones.

How do I resolve the problem?

Clear caches from apps and then use the airplane mode

The most effective way to determine the issue when an SMS message cannot be received or sent, due to a reason it is to start your mobile. Then, test enabling and deactivating plane mode rapid in quick succession. This will usually solve the issue for most people.

The next step is to clean the cached information that the messaging app has collected over time. If you’re using an app from a third party to send SMS messages and you want to get it installed.

Reset SMS settings

Your service provider provides an exclusive set of settings that permit you to send SMS or MMS messages with ease. These settings are available when you put your SIM card into the designated tray. But, they could change when you change the SIM card or you are undergoing an update to your system. This can cause issues both in outgoing and incoming messages.

To restore SMS settings to their default values for Android follow these stepsbelow;

  • Open Messages
  • Go to settings
  • Reset the settings back to factory settings
  • Restart your phone

Make to the Mobile Message Center number

Many people have resolved their SMS problems by changing the number of their message center. The numbers are dependent on the specific service providers.

What’s the meaning of a message center’s number?

Simply put, the message center numbers are utilized to handle SMS functions on the phone. It is saved on the SIM card and is based on the network operator you use. Google your provider to confirm the number of the message center. Once you have obtained the number Follow these steps

  • Start the Messaging app.
  • Tap on the three dots menu
  • Select the Message Center then change the phone number

How do I update the your message center number in Android?

  1. Install the messaging app on your Android phone.
  2. Click on the “Menu”
  3. Choose “Advance Options” options
  4. Select”SMS Center Number” to open the “SMS central number” option.
  5. Update or change your current number for the SMS center here.
  6. Select the “Save” button.
  7. Restart your phone
  8. Your Number in the Message Center has either been set or updated successfully.

Another method to change the message center phone number for Android will be as follows:

  1. Dial the number on your phone.
  2. Call *#*#4636 #*#*
  3. Select the phone number
  4. Choose SMSC Setting Option
  5. Set or update the New Message Center Number
  6. Restart your Android phone
  7. Now you are ready to send or to receive SMS.

Here are number of the message center for some companies that provide services in India

  1. Airtel Message Center Number: +919895051914
  2. Jio Message Center Number: +917010075009
  3. Vodafone The Message Center Phone Number +919846000040
  4. Idea Message Center Phone Number +919847099996
  5. BSNL Message Center Number: +919440099997

Use the methods above to change the message center number on your Android phone to start sending and receiving messages.

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